Thursday, December 31, 2009

35. Lush Life

Lush Life Richard Price
December 2009

Last book of 2009! I cannot believe that I've read 35 books this year, when initially my goal of 20 seemed like a long shot.

I am super glad that I picked this book up. It was on Time Magazines list of top 10 fiction books of 2008, so the cover caught my eye in the store. At first I was nervous about it because more often than not I am disappointed by the "must reads." But this one lived up to its widespread expectations.

I rarely read murder mystery/ detective type novels, so this was a great change of pace for me. Price has written three other books and I assume they will be just as interesting and captivating.

Monday, December 28, 2009

34. The Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger
December 2009

Another book that I can't believe I was never required to read growing up. I'm glad I finally did though, so at least I can hold my own if it comes up in a conversation. I'm still undecided on if I liked it or not. It kind of felt like it was just constaint complainsts about everything in his life. Though I guess Saslinger addressed that with the final conversation that Holdan had with his sister. I think Pheobe, the sister, is supposed to be everyone's favorite character, because she was certainly mine.

Rumor has it that Salinger has written another book and it will be released upon his death. I hope its true and I will read it for sure!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

33. The Road

The Road Cormac McCarthy
December 2009

This was a recommendation by several friends and I'm really glad I got to read it while on vacation... actually on the way to vacation (I read it in approximately 2 hours!)

Some people are concerned about it being depressing but really if you keep the underlying story line in mind, I think it can be quite inspirational. McCarthy's style is not what many are used to, but it is still a very easy read for anyone and really a heartwarming story at the core. Definitely recommend it!

32. The Tippint Point

The Tipping Point Malcolm Gladwell
December 2009

I'm excited I finally got to read one of Gladwell's books. I figured I should start at the beginning, though I think I will end up reading all of his.

I really liked how Gladwell introduced different aspects of his theory on why things spread throughout a population (whether a fad, an epidemic or an improvement in culture). He gives concrete examples when discussing each and he reintroduces those examples in later chapters. It creates a clear fluid line throughout all of his ideas. I think many authors who write non-fiction struggle to do this.

I believe that Outliers is next... either that or Blink... I'm not sure which one. Either way... Can't Wait!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

31. Twilight

Twilight Stephenie Meyer
December 2009

Ah! I can't believe I finally read it. I ended up watching the movie about a month ago, so I think that is what lead me to pick up the book. I'm a huge fan of HBO's TrueBlood (though I've never read the Sookie Stackhouse novels)... so I pretty much knew I would enjoy this series as well. It was just a matter of breaking down and reading them.

I definitely enjoyed the read. It was super quick and very much a "page turner." I'm sure I will read all four.... in good time.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

30. Hard Times

Hard Times Charles Dickens
December 2009

Awhile back my parents gave me several of their old books from college, etc. (Most of which were required reading) I am slowly trying to incorporate them into my reading, this being one such book.

When I read Tale of Two Cities in high school, I loved it and do intend to read it again sometime. I was hoping that Hard Times would capture my attention just as easily, but it sort of fell flat for me. There were moments where the novel truly became a page turner and I enjoyed the story, but there were other time where I simply struggled through it. Its one of Dickens's shorter novels so I think it was worth the time.